Great Safari Lodge Photographs

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February 26, 2016

Great Safari Lodge Photographs

When you are on holiday or travelling for work purposes, there are a few tips to follow to take great photographs as some of the hardest pictures to take is of accommodation.

No matter how the lodge seems to appear, often the pictures does not portray how amazing their stay w12814400_982458288502738_682484833279458768_nas.

Let us help you with some of the great secrets to taking amazing accommodation photographs.

Find or create a certain mood

Accommodation with loads of character are often impractical. Use the features that seems unique and then capture the mood of the place.

How, you may ask? Use props, shoes, scarfs that reflects the character of the location or accommodation. Don’t forget to use humour, that’s always a winner shot.

Let the outside world in!

Try to capture both the inside and outside of your accommodation. Best of both worlds.

Take chance of vast openness, which includes the complete privacy provided by nature which can be found in various romantic lodges and destinations.

Create your own ambiance

Ask your host or accommodation to arrange a picnic or dinner outside etc.

Catch the shimmers of great interior accommodations

The photographs of interiors or buildings that are not well lite, will seem depressing and dull and you tend to put on the lights as soon as you enter a building changes the ambiance.

Did you know softer, warmish colors, works better, than the direct harsh light. It allows you to play with the filter of your image.

Above all these amazing shots, have fun, take plenty of photos, in-between the thousands there will be a few great shots that’s newspaper worthy. So go on and enjoy your journey.

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