South African Safaris and Activities

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January 15, 2016
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June 1, 2016

South African Safaris and Activities

Let us help you discover the rich embroidery of the “Rainbow Nation” as we South Africans may call it. Enjoy the sophisticated places and dramatic landscapes, which includes diverse cultures and incredible wildlife.animals african

When in South Africa, you will enjoy the safaris and tours that will take you on a great journey of contrasts that you will never ever forget. You will get the chance to spend time seeking out the well-known Big Five to swimming in glorious beaches. On your way to these incredible spots, you will be able to visit award winning wineries to taking a trip through the cosmopolitan cities, from indulging in luxury accommodations to traditional bush lodges.

South Africa is a diversified country with a mixture of African, Asian and European people. The country has a rich variety and history of culture and languages.

The equally diverse country has a variety of landscapes that includes spectacular views, mountain ranges, coastlines, forests, wilderness etc. and at the same time this beautiful country can boast with sophisticated tourism infrastructure and top class accommodation.

 Below are some activities you can partake in when visiting South Africa.

  • Visit a Game Reserve, such as the Kruger National Park or Inverdoorn Game Reserve.
  • Go on the luxury Blue Train and see what the country has to offer, while enjoying a glorious train ride.
  • Visit Cape Town- The Mother City. Beautiful and diverse province.

Go on, what will you be doing in South Africa?

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